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IR7 – 4 foot 4 lamp T5HO Fluorescent Class 1 Division 2 Lighting

The MAES Lighting version of the Hazardous Location High Bay is a very economical light that meets the needs of projects around the US and Canada.  They are UL-C classified which rates them for Canada as well as the US.  The main uses for these lights are:  industrial applications, Oil / Gas storage areas, Chemical […]

Class 1 Division 2 – IR3 T5HO Fluorescent Lighting from Maes Lighting

Our most popular light is the IR3 class 1 division 2 light.  This light is used for many applications from:  chemical storage areas, oil rigs, gas pipeline compressor rooms, ect.    The IR3 4ft. T5HO and T8 versions are priced the same at $310 each.  This is a very economical version of a classified light. […]

Hazardous Location Lighting Requirements

Hazardous Location Lighting Requirements Class I Locations According to the NEC, there are three types of hazardous locations. The first type of hazard is one which is created by the presence of flammable gases or vapors in the air, such as natural gas or gasoline vapor. When these materials are found in the atmosphere, a potential for […]

Fluorescent Explosion Proof Lights

Fluorescent Explosion Proof Lighting has been the staple for hazard area lighting for about 20 years.  This lighting has proven to be very successful and hold up to the demands of the environments. Our versions of these lights are IR1, IR3, IR4.  They are all very good lights to be used in Hazardous locations and […]

Explosion Proof LED Lights

We supply Explosion Proof and Hazardous location LED lighting.  This lighting has emerged as a new technology to help the oil and gas industry in cold climates.  The quick start of the LED gives the needed light plus is more durable.  If you need more information on our LED Explosion Proof IR4 or Hazardous Location […]

LED Class 1 Division 2 Lights used for Cold Area Oil Field Rigs

We supply our IR3 LED class 1 div 2 lights for use in the oil and gas industry.  These lights work great in the cold tempertures of Alaska and Canada.  They give a sufficient amount of light but less compared to HID and Fluorescents.  But use alot less energy.   We have several new versions […]

About Commercial Fluorescent Lighting

Are you going crazy over your monthly electricity bills? No matter how much you try to save, are the bills still burning a hole in your pocket? Then it is time to switch to more efficient lighting systems. Usually at homes, the most essential electrical devices are lighting devices and temperature control devices, and it […]

Usage Of High Bay Fluorescent Lighting Growing Fast

Fluorescent or the High bay fluorescent lighting is an innovative technology. It has a very efficient technology serving the purpose of the most cost minimizing product in the market meant for industrial lighting. The T5 light as opposed to the T8 light or metal halide bangs the cost in terms of usage. This is applied for High bay […]

LED – The new trend for Explosion Proof lights in the Oil / Gas industry

We are seeing the new trends in the oil and gas industry go toward the new T8 LED tube lights and the LED floods.  This trend is primarily being seen in the cold weather climates of the Canadian Oil Sands projects and the Oil fields of Wyoming and Utah area.  They will work in -15 […]

T5 Fluorescent Lights

We are promoting our T5 Lighting technology and hoping to get the word out to our friends and customers to start using this technology.  The technology is very efficient and to date is the most cost efficient product on the market for industrial lighting.  You get more bang for your buck with using the T5 […]

Hazardous Location Lighting

We supply our customers with an easy way to purchase Class 1 Div 1 and Div 2 lights for hazardous areas.  We often hear that it is very difficult to obtain pricing on these types of products from our customers.  We try to take the hassel out of buying these types of lights and have […]


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