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LED lighting has transformed the lighting industry due to its broad range of applications, flexibility in terms of shape and color dynamics, exceptional efficiency, and longevity. This new generation of efficient lighting dominates every space and is a common tool in hotels, shops, museums, theaters, commercial buildings, industries, and smart workplaces.

Fluorescent high-intensity discharge (HID) or halogen lighting has been around for a while, but it is slowly losing its luster. Commercial and industrial LED lights are in high demand because they are far more efficient than many traditional light sources thanks to their high luminous efficacy and the directional light that can be bundled efficiently. Intelligent LED lighting systems have the capacity to save up to 70% of the energy needed for lighting. This significantly reduces carbon emissions and fervently promotes the advancement and application of LED technology.

With our cutting-edge, convenient, and distinctive range of lighting products, you can brighten any of your residential, commercial, or industrial spaces. Check out the various categories of commercial and industrial LED lighting products that Maes Lighting supplies across the USA straight from the producers:

1. Explosion-Proof LED Lights

Sparks that could potentially ignite the flammable and explosive gases in the atmosphere can be contained by an explosion-proof lighting fixture. Hence, explosion proof lighting does not refer to explosion-resistant lighting fixtures, but rather to the ability to prevent external explosions from occurring in a hazardous location. Hazardous locations are further divided into various classes and divisions, as well as the lighting fixtures, depending on the kinds of flammable substances that may be present. Find suitable Explosion Proof LED Lighting

In addition to the lighting fixtures, you also need different types of Hazardous Location Enclosures, Switches & Fittings while going for a new or replacing a conventional installation.


2. High Bays LED Lights

LED high bay lights are industrial lights that are designed to illuminate large areas with high ceilings. Compared to conventional incandescent fixtures, they produce intense long-range illumination to improve visibility. Because of this, high bay LED lighting is ideal for commercial and industrial settings, including warehouses and retail establishments with larger spaces and higher ceilings. Look at our range of High Bay Fluorescent T5HO LED Lighting.

3. Vapor Tight LED Lights

Vapor tight light fixtures, also known as "wet location" fixtures, are sealed and gasketed luminaires that offer general illumination for indoor and outdoor settings where exposure to moisture, humidity, and dust is likely to occur. These lights are typically installed on walls, ceilings, soffits, or any other surfaces in commercial or industrial buildings where exposure to moisture, dust, or other elements is a concern. View the wide range of Vapor Tight Wet Area LED Lighting.

4. Flood/ Area LED Lights

Basically, LED flood lights are powerful wide-angle lights that can be used to illuminate sizable areas. LED floodlights come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit various applications. Floodlights are extremely useful for everything, from lighting up large stadiums and parks to lighting up your own lawn. They are mostly used outdoors, but they can also be used indoors. Browse our list of Commercial Grade High Lumen LED Flood Lights.

5. Wall Packs LED Lights

The outdoor lighting that is typically mounted on the exterior walls of buildings is known as wall pack lights or exterior building lights. This type of outdoor lighting is commonly used to illuminate ground areas frequented by vehicles and pedestrians. They also serve as an extra layer of security for property owners. Check out our selection of High Lumen Wall Pack LEDs.

6. Grow LED Lights

Plants require sunlight to grow. They use sunlight to produce energy for growth through a process known as photosynthesis. Grow LED lights do the work for indoor or vertical plantations where direct sunlight is not available by providing specific lightwaves in the light spectrum that are required for plant growth. Grow LED lights are specially designed to provide your plant with the light waves it requires. View our range of Grow LED lights and select the one you need.


All of our industrial lighting is certified by either: UL, ETL or LC and is backed by a manufacturer warranty. Our pricing is as competitive as you will see anywhere. We ask that you give us the chance to earn your business. Complete Customer Satisfaction is our Goal!

Maes Lighting is a Direct from Manufacturer Supplier of Commercial and Industrial Lighting, brings to you a wide range of energy efficient LED lighting solutions with a state-of-the-art product line to choose from. Brighten your homes with our innovative, user-friendly and unique spectrum of LED lighting products. We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and provide cost effective lighting solutions to contractors and facility managers in every industry across the USA. If you do not find the products you need on the site, it does not mean we do not have them. Call us at 866-860-6399 and let us know what you need, and we can get it for you.


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