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T5 Fluorescent Lights

We are promoting our T5 Lighting technology and hoping to get the word out to our friends and customers to start using this technology.  The technology is very efficient and to date is the most cost efficient product on the market for industrial lighting.  You get more bang for your buck with using the T5 light as opposed to the T8 or Metal Halide.  We sell them for high bay applications and explosion proof lighting applications.  They are still the light of choice even though LED technology is creeping into the mix.  We have LED technology and are supplying our customers with what they need.  Some instances the LED is what is needed.  But, our light of choice is still the T5 at this time. 

Hazardous Location Lighting

We supply our customers with an easy way to purchase Class 1 Div 1 and Div 2 lights for hazardous areas.  We often hear that it is very difficult to obtain pricing on these types of products from our customers.  We try to take the hassel out of buying these types of lights and have streamlined the product selection to meet the needs of various types of customers.  The most common applications that we sell lights for is:  hazardous storage areas, hazardous manufacturing areas, areas where gasses are present, paint booths, grain silos, blasting booths, ect.

We have special relationships with the manufacturers and get this lighting shipped direct from them to your location.  This allows us to get the very best pricing to you on this hazardous location lighting.  We are here to help you with your projects.  Please call us and let us give you a quote.


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