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FYT Series LED High Bay

The FYT Series LED High Bay is and enclosed style linear high bay that is IP65 rated for wet areas as well as dust.  The FYT LED High Bay is a slim design fixture made of light weight aluminum.  The lens design has a curved frosted lens that gives a great light spread without blinding […]

Nastro Series LED High Bay Linear Light Fixture

The Nastro Series LED High Bay Linear Light Fixture is a versatile style fixture that can be used inside an office space or in a warehouse.   It is a stylish design with the performance that you would expect of an LED High Bay.   It is equipped with Osram LED Chips and is IP65 to withstand […]

Reasons to Buy LED Flood Lights

We see many people use flood lights today, certain vehicles and commercial buildings use them for protection, and even home owners started to apply them for home lighting. However, frequent buying can be expensive. If you want to save some money and also be more eco-friendly, you may want to make the switch to Led Flood […]

Hazardous Location Lights vs Explosion Proof Lights and Explanation of the classifications

There is often a misunderstanding from customers that ask for an explosion proof light.   We ask them if that is what they need because many times they only need hazardous location or Class 1 Division 2.   The differences in the fixtures is considerable as well as the price.  Please see the below information […]

LED Flood Lights – GI 200 watt Flood

LED lights have been popular for a few years but have not been economical, reliable or give enough lumens to really sell well in the US  marketplace.   We are now seeing that the LED’s are coming down in price enough to be competitive and giving enough lumens to compare to Metal Halides.   We […]

Fluorescent Explosion Proof Lighting | Still the most economical

With the explosion of LED lighting into the market place, everyone is asking the question:  Is LED better than Fluorescent?   That is a hard question to answer but, we do know that they are more expensive than fluorescent.  That is often the deciding point when it comes to selling the lights.   When a customer is wanting […]

A Guide To LED Lighting in Industrial Settings

Since it came onto the market in the 1960’s, LED lighting has been heralded as one of the greenest types of lighting available.  Over the years, developments in its efficiency, options, colors and – above all – cost effectiveness have meant that LED lighting has become an increasingly popular choice for many lighting needs. The […]

Increasing Productivity with Your Industrial Lighting

Every business owner is concerned with finding ways to increase the productivity of workers.  Not only do productive workers have a higher sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, but it allows the company to reach its goals and improve its bottom line. One easy – and yet often overlooked – way to increase productivity is to […]

Optical Phenomena: A Look at Natural Lighting Wonders

In the lighting world, we are always amazed at the beauty that can be created through natural light.  Known as optical phenomena, these wonders occur when there are specific interactions between light and matter. Some are commonplace, experienced by most of mankind, while others only happen in certain regions or under rare conditions.  Here’s a […]

Class 1 Division 2 LED Flood Lights

The industry demand for LED lights continues to rise due to superior light output and energy savings.   This has taken hold in the Hazardous Lighting sector as well.   The need for quality explosion proof and hazardous area lighting has continued to be a demand.  Especially in the cold regions that are below freezing for extended […]

A Look At Explosion Proof Flashlights

For people who work in locations deemed “hazardous” – places that have high concentrations of substances such as flammable chemicals, dust or particles or volatile chemicals – safety is of the utmost importance.  These places often have numerous safety guidelines, precautions, and machinery. In these locations, it’s imperative that nothing enters the space that could […]

A Brief Look at the History of the Energy-Efficient Light

Since British scientists first began working with the incandescent lamp in the 1830s, inventors have been looking for ways to make light bulbs more efficient. When Thomas Edison patented his incandescent light bulb in 1879, he had improved upon the basic design that increased the life of a bulb from 14. 5 hours to up […]

Using Light as a Form of Art

Most of the time, when people talk about lights, they are talking about the normal lighting that illuminates a home or office. In these cases, the concerns are about creating the right ambience while having adequate light to perform any tasks needed in that area. However, light has the ability to do so much more […]

Paint Booth Lighting – Explosion Proof Light Fixtures

Maes Lighting specializes in explosion proof lighting that is used for commercial Paint         Booth Applications.  The IR4- Class 1 Division 1 T8 or T5 is used for inside paint booths to give maximum protection.   These lights are supplied with mounting brackets and 850K lamps included in the price.   We […]


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