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About Commercial Fluorescent Lighting

Are you going crazy over your monthly electricity bills? No matter how much you try to save, are the bills still burning a hole in your pocket? Then it is time to switch to more efficient lighting systems. Usually at homes, the most essential electrical devices are lighting devices and temperature control devices, and it is the lightings that are mostly used. Most of the time energy efficiency of lights are ignored, and however, they are the most used. Most Commercial Fluorescent Lighting systems uses energy efficient lamps over incandescent lamps to help save power.

Fluorescent versus Incandescent

It is true that still now, bulbs are the cheapest lighting devices, but however, they are not the most efficient. An incandescent lamp lights up when the tungsten filament inside is heated up. Now, the filament is to thin and it is relatively long, and therefore, it offers a lot of resistance to the current that passes through it. This heat up the filament to such an extent that it is illuminated. A lot of energy is incandescent lamps are wasted in form of heat.

Commercial Fluorescent Lighting works differently. It contains a glass tube with a phosphor coating in the inside. The glass tube contains mercury vapour at a very low pressure. When electricity is passed through the vapour, the mercury vapour gets excited and it produces short wave ultra violet waves. This produces fluorescence in the phosphor coating and therefore it makes the tube glow. A Commercial Fluorescent Lighting device produces 500K light and is very efficient.

Other parameters

Incandescent light, which are the only economic alternative to fluorescent lamps have a few advantages over fluorescent lamps. First of all, it is much cheaper. Also, as the construct of the incandescent lamps are simpler, they are obviously cheaper. Also, installation is easier. They produce light at voltages much below the rated voltage. They are more environment friendly.

Fluorescent lamps, on the other hand are expensive, but more economic in the long run, as they are energy efficient. They are also more effective in illuminating large areas. They are less prone to damage in case of over voltages. They need a starter and a ballast to start unlike a bulb. Commercial Fluorescent Lighting might be expensive, but they are the best alternative to bulb in case of home lighting.


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