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Fluorescent Explosion Proof Lighting | Still the most economical

With the explosion of LED lighting into the market place, everyone is asking the question:  Is LED better than Fluorescent?   That is a hard question to answer but, we do know that they are more expensive than fluorescent.  That is often the deciding point when it comes to selling the lights.   When a customer is wanting an explosion proof light, they are having to spend a lot of money due to the classification.   Often the LED versions are 50% higher or more than the fluorescent version with the same lumen output.   So we try to sell the customer what they need and want.  But try to make the customer aware of the pro’s and cons of the LED vs Fluorescent when we are finding out the application they are using them for.    We try to help the customer make educated decisions and not just sell them something that is hot on the market…


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