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A Guide To LED Lighting in Industrial Settings

Home-page-image-1-5-20Since it came onto the market in the 1960’s, LED lighting has been heralded as one of the greenest types of lighting available.  Over the years, developments in its efficiency, options, colors and – above all – cost effectiveness have meant that LED lighting has become an increasingly popular choice for many lighting needs.

The developments in LED lighting have not been solely in residential lighting.  With recent advancements, LED lighting is becoming a better choice for industrial settings as well.  Here’s a quick guide to LED lighting to help you consider whether or not LED lighting is right for your industrial setting.

It is estimated that the use of LED lighting can help reduce your energy bills anywhere from 50-90%. The reduction to your bills comes for several reasons.  The first is that LED lights are more energy efficient than any other type of bulb, requiring fewer watts in order to produced the same (or higher) levels of light as a regular bulb.  The second reason is the LED light bulbs last longer than a regular bulb (with the expected life of 50,000+ hours versus a normal 20,000 hours), which means that they don’t need to be replaced as often.  The third reason is that LED lights require little (or no) maintenance, which helps reduce potential costs.  Finally, unlike regular light bulbs, the lifespan of a LED light is actually extended with frequent on/off cycling.

There are three main categories of LED lighting solutions:

The first category is the basic LED fixture. These are fixtures that are installed with an LED bulb, but function with a typical on/off switch or (potentially) a dimmer switch.

The second category is the basic LED fixture with bolt on sensors, which have the capability of turning the lights on and off based on the motion (or lack of motion) in the room.

The final category is the Intelligent LED systems, which give facility managers a great amount of control and flexibility of how and when the lights are used based off of a network of sensors, software management, and a wireless sensor.

The category of lighting that you choose will have an impact on the overall cost reduction that you experience in your energy bills.

Overall the reliability, flexibility, and efficiency of LED lighting can result in big savings for your company.  To help determine if LED lighting is right for you – as well as where and how to best use it in your facility – talk to a commercial lighting expert.  He will be able to help map out the best course of lighting action that you can take for your company, building, and budget.


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