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A Look At Explosion Proof Flashlights

explosion-proof-flashlight-300x200For people who work in locations deemed “hazardous” – places that have high concentrations of substances such as flammable chemicals, dust or particles or volatile chemicals – safety is of the utmost importance.  These places often have numerous safety guidelines, precautions, and machinery. In these locations, it’s imperative that nothing enters the space that could potentially spark and ignite a fire or explosion.

For most of these locations, that means explosion proof lighting.  Explosion proof lighting is lighting sources that are manufactured in a way to protect against unwanted sparks or heat.  This helps protect the people working in the area where the lighting is placed from potential danger. However, is some cases, explosion proof lighting is not enough.  In situations when you need to go into dark areas, or you just need to have an extra good, strong source of light (i.e. in the case of inspecting equipment) it’s important you have an adequate light source that can meet your needs while keeping you safe.

For these instances, there are explosion proof flashlights.  These flashlights work in the same way as a normal flashlight, giving you a direct, strong, moveable source of light.  However, like explosion proof lighting, these flashlights are designed in a way that prevents sparks or excess heat, keeping you safe from the volatile materials around you.

All explosion proof flashlights are not the same.  Each flashlight is classified according to its ratings according to US and international standards for hazardous location areas.  These flashlights can carry UL Class 1 or Class 2, with the flashlight being graded both for its Class and its Division.  Before purchasing an explosion proof flashlight, it’s important to know which class and division you need in order for the flashlight to be accepted at your job.

Most explosion proof flashlights come with LED, HID, or halogen bulbs.  This allow you some flexibility in making sure you get the proper light for your unique situation. They are built with sturdy, dependable frames, and usually come with great guarantees.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a strong source of moveable, explosion proof light, check out the different types of explosion proof flashlights available here at Maes Lighting.


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