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Usage Of High Bay Fluorescent Lighting Growing Fast

Fluorescent or the High bay fluorescent lighting is an innovative technology. It has a very efficient technology serving the purpose of the most cost minimizing product in the market meant for industrial lighting. The T5 light as opposed to the T8 light or metal halide bangs the cost in terms of usage. This is applied for High bay fluorescent lighting and for explosive proof lighting. The use of this light is still in even when LED is emerging into this business. Though LED technology is included in it and they are being supplied according to the requirement of the buyers. According to people LED serves the purpose but the first preference of people is the T5 lights.

Fluorescent or High bay fluorescent lighting includes T5 and T8 fluorescent bay lighting, Fluorescent light fixtures, Vapor tight light fixtures, Office Troffers, Grow Light etc.

  • T5 and T8 FLUORESCENT BAY LIGHTING: This is the most common version of bay lighting with 95% of mirror reflectors.  It is available in 5000K bulbs/ w, 6 foot chord and hanging gear.
  • T8 and T5: This is an enclosed back style high bay light. It is sturdy enough with hinged ballast compartments for easy access. The lights consists of 95% of micro reflectors and 5000K bulbs.
  • VAPOR TIGHT AND WET AREA FLUORESCENT LIGHTS: This is 4 ftlight meant for wet areas having clear lens.
  • PARABOLIC FLUORESCENT LIGTH TROFFER: This is a kind of light fixture with 2×4- 18 cells only meant for office space.
  • SURFACE MOUNTED FLUORESCENT LIGHT TROFFER: This kind of lighting is also used for office buildings. It has 2 to 4 lamp versions with size 2×4.
  • COMMERCIAL FLUORESCENT LIGHT TASK LIGHT: It has 4ft. and 8ft. versions t5 style. This has 120/ 227 volts having 5 year guarantee.
  • LOW PROFILE-INDIRECT LAST LAYINS FOR OFFICES: It has T5 and T8 version. These lights are stylish enough for office use as well as it provides real good quality of light. It has various versions 2×2 to 2×4.
  • T8 FLUORESCENT COMMERCIAL WRAPS: This has 2 ft. 2 lamp versions and 4ft. 2 and 3 lamp versions. High bay fluorescent lighting is quite economical to use for portable buildings and enclosures etc.
  • CHANNEL LIGHTING: These are commercial lighting strips. This is very economical for industrial lighting.
  • RECESSED GRID FLUORESCENT LIGHTING TROFFERS: This is especially meant for standard T bar ceiling as in office purpose.


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